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Be quiet 20 minutes a day

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I am now working on a “sit spot”. I once had a small flower garden in the back yard just for relaxing and let it get overgrown and weedy. Everything in that space was just lost. So this weekend I started pulling the weeds and raking out the muck. I figure it’ll be a project for the next month or so. (more likely 2 or 3 months)I’ll go out each day and work a little on that one spot. Once it’s clear and peaceful I’ll plant some flowers and bring in some larger rocks. That will be my quiet place.


I look at my list when ever I have a chance. This one is hard. I have so many things pulling at me. I have no trouble multi-tasking. I can watch TV, make a plan for the next day, write in journal, drink hot tea, pretend to relax, stretch etc. But sitting in one place doing nothing, all the while being quiet for 20 WHOLE minutes, is next to an inhuman feat. I can try, but end up tapping my foot, and looking at my watch. What a revelation it is to know that, as simple as I truly WANT my life to be, quiet is so hard for me. Interesting.


This one is so hard for me. I tried to start this, this week. Stretch out and then sit quietly. Quiet…for 20 minutes. People meditate for long long periods of good serious spiritual time. 20 minutes should be nothing. Very interesting to me that I have THAT to work on. It’s not a bad goal. I’m not disappointed. Just utterly fascinated that I have not yet been quiet for 20 minutes.

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