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I’m living in Budapest, a pretty exciting city, so I go to bars and night and sight seeing during the days when I don’t have class.

Doing really well...

I’ve been to two major parties since my last update as well as just going out to dinner and hanging out with a lot of different people.


I hung out with my friends sorority last night and it was a lot of fun!


Hopefully going to at least one party this weekend.


So there’s a party I want to go to but I won’t know anyone there and I’m kind of scared of huge parties. Plus I’m not sure how I would get home but I still really want to go. What to do, what to do? Anyone have any advice?


So I actually went to a social event this weekend.

It was kind of a bust and the people were really wierd but the important thing is that I got out there!


I really just need to go to a good party…

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