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Do a 5 minute plank

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5 Minute Plank

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3 minutes

was my max on this. I’m giving up. Not a high enough priority to be on the list at this point. Maybe I’ll come back later.

Personal best!

2:46 and I suffered for that extra second. Followed up with a rest, then two one minute sets, w/ a rest between them, to keep pushing my endurance.


I’ve not been diligent with this lately, and I’ve backslidden to 2:30. This week, its planks every day, no excuses.

2 minutes, 40 seconds

Coming along well…yoga rocks the core and helps me stay focused, its really helping me progress with the plank goal faster than I expected.

Now at 2 minutes, 20 seconds

My abs were BURNING but I was much less shaky than normal. I think the yoga is helping.

Still holding at 2 minutes

but less shaky.

This morning I learned that it is highly entertaining to my cat to watch me struggle. It took a lot of focus to complete the last 15 seconds as he kept walking under me, and doing that cat nuzzle thing to my head.

2 minutes

I was shaking like a leaf at one minute 45, so the last 15 were a serious challenge to hold until 2 was all I could take.

I followed up with 1 minute set, then a 48 sec. set

Starting Point

1 minute, 30 seconds.

Planks are pretty much the best core exercise there is, because they engage all the core muscles evenly. Abs, hips, back, glutes are all engaged to hold the body steady. If I can hold a 5 minute plank by March, I feel I will have developed a core that will really help support my cycling efforts, and will be beneficial to my quality of life in general. A good core makes movement easier, alleviates back problems, and improves balance.

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