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be disciplined

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Moving on

When I reread the previous entries I can really see my progress. Since 2008 I’ve finished my MSc studies, and I’ve been working for two years. It turns out I’ve always been very disciplined, but need to help myself to start things and nudge myself forward with positive thoughts. This will keep myself motivated. I will finish this goal and replace it with another one!

Doing FINE :)

It’s going well; I finished almost all my courses. :D :D :D And I’m going to study until coming friday to finish the rest.

I found out that I procrastinate because I keep thinking over and over again about things that frustrate me. So I tackle those things first :). And if I can’t do anything about something I just let it go…

:) :)

good enough....

... I’m doing fine…
I’m at the ‘planning-course’ right now… they call it study acceleration training..

- I read one of the articles already that I have to read for the lectures of friday. I’m almost finished with the second article (1 page to go!)
- I worked on the product design report with my group for about 3 hours (which was exactly what I promised at the training)... but a lot more work will come my way, because the deadline is next week and I want a good grade, at least 7 or 8.

- haven’t started on processing the results of my Bachelor Thesis experiments yet….
- I will look up the course codes…
- I will bring cookies next week
- I will call D. this thursday at 4 pm


I am admitted to a program to improve planning capabilities – the MSc acceleration training.

:) this is great, because it can help me to achieve studying my courses DURING the lecture period :)

Ways to be more disciplined and what I should do to become more disciplined

Things I should do:
1. Play the clarinet everyday (for at least 20 minutes)
2. Make a daily to-do-list and actually follow it (see also other goal)
3. Study my courses DURING the lecture period
4. make a weekly time schedule

Ways to check whether I’m doing fine:
1. check my to-do-list at the end of the day (and give myself some leisure time as a reward everytime I succeed)
2. repeat my intention to be more disciplined everyday
3. measure my progress every week (every sunday)


This is crucial to pass my exams!!

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