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Live what I know

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Haven’t been here in ages, but this continues to be one of my two most essential lifelong goals. It will never be done, and it shouldn’t be. As I continue to grow, learn, and “know” more, there will be more to live - in joy and self-understanding.

continues to be...

... my number one goal. This is a lifelong one. To LIVE what I know… not to duck it, or avoid… Have been recently thinking that this is the main decision in my life, on which all else rests…

of course, it doesn’t mean I “know” everything. Part of what I have to live is knowing that there are things I don’t know, soften to my own blind spots, see where I’m deliberately or innocently not looking / not knowing, and shine light there. Get a flashlight and look around.

But mostly, if I live what has been already given or shown to me, what I sought and then was fortunate enough to find, I will have my work cut out for me as well as a clear compass to find my way through life and use everything that happens, as well as cause some things (in a positive sense, I mean - I hope!) to happen.

Right now what I KNOW is this is not the day to get sidetracked on 43T, tempting as it is!

what I know is... tick... tick...

If I want to get some kind of work-out in today and bathe and get to the party only fashionably late, not late late … IU’ve got to get my butt in gear NOW!

tomorrow, a too-busy day which will invole some being "on"

(I love people and relate easily, so “on” is authentic with me… just partial-me. I usually like a lolt of time alone, so a lot of appointments in one day tend to tire me out).

So. Living what I know means… get off computer. Lay out clothes for tomorrow. Self soothe. Celebrate having gotten those packages wrapped and boxes shipped and having swum for 40 minutes and and and… prettyy much all the things on my To-Do list (when a to-do list is done, does it become a “Ta-Da!” list?) And go to bed. And sleep peacefully. With that nice lavendar smelling moisturizer on my face…

And wake up rested and able to beam out love and energy from my own self-loving and energized heart… while being competent/well organized in the worldly sense tomorrow will require.

And find time to work out between gigs tomorrow!

"found time"

A workshop I go to on Wednesday, about an hour and a half’s drive from home, was cancelled at last minute due to the leader’s under-the-weather-ness. Behold! Found time!

What does “living what I know” mean here?

I can do some of the “shoulds” and “need tos” that have clogged my daily lists and gone undone for several days… that and tidying up a few spots in the house would leave me going to bed feeling much more at ease and happy.

I could veg out: play computer games, watch a Netflix episode of The Sopranos, eat something sweet.

Living what I know, I think, means some of both. That the first will leave me happier and the second will provide immediate gratification but no longer-term sense of satisfaction or accomplishment is also true – also what I know.

I also know that whatever I do, however I combine these impulses tonight, that at other times I’ll do it differently, and I just have to keep on walking in the right direction, step, step, step, with self-love and self-discipline, with compassion towards my own weaknesses and pleasure in my strengths.

What I know is – this life is like that. No one said I had to be perfect to be lovable, in my own eyes or anyone else’s… just on the path of growth and development, both pushing and accepting myself. The divine paradox.

Later In case you were wondering, I wound up knocking out some of the shoulds and feel much better for it. And now it is time for some ice cream!

what I know is... balance means accepting that

we come in and out of balance. Sometimes we’re on it… sometimes less so… sometimes not. No getting all melodramatic over it, FF. I have set myself a huge number of wagons… I can’t help but fall off most of them periodically. It;s just… get back on.

That’s what I know. Get back to the right place. Back in the wagon, hitch wagon to star, use compass to fix on North Star and up away to the next cloud…

I also know I’m mixing metaphors like a muh-fuh and making loads of typing mistakes, all of which say to me: go to bed, ff!

so I will.


simple... difficult but simple... easy once one does this, difficult before... but simple

Here’s what I know that I need to live RIGHT NOW.

Leave office/studio/computer.

1. Clump downstairs with my really-not_so_-bad broken foot (as breaks go, minimal).

2. Take care of kitties. (clean box, feed, let out).

3. Finish taking care of self – food, supplements and meds, drink water.

4. Give myself props for what I already did: up, contacts, ablutions with skin care stuff, dressed “to the shoes”, meditation/devotions, doing morning pages, calling P.S., doing permissions yesterday and getting them faxed off.

5. Do some income-generation work. Do some… infinity, unknown-outcome, risk, push-the-edge work.

6. Do what work-out I can: abs, upper body.

7. Engage in those most radical acts: self-love and self-acceptance. Let self-discipline and self-direction spring from that. Release self-excoriation to scatter out into the universe, powdering down to its tiniest molecules which then become stars… dead, far away, but still giving light.

Living what you know never ends.

It is that nesscessary uncomfortable gap between present actuality and future possibility, where growth resides… that, when embraced, brings joy and integration.

I know this. Now I have to live this. To be comfortable with the discomfort.

How many times have I said it, to myself and to others, that if one sees the path clearly, it’s not one’s own. “Our own path must be deciphered every step of the way.” (Latter a quote from David Whyte but countless teachers repeat it and repeat it. )


Feed kitties.
Feed self.

Step (clump) step.

Maybe surprise myself with some joy.

*Later on: * Well, I DID some living of what I know. Hooray! See goal 3.

what i know about dealing with a major (painful!) disruption in plans ---

So, yeah – broken foot. Fifth metatarsal to be exact.

I know I need to pout/ sulk./ be gloomy … for a limited amount of time). (Did that thios afternoon. Then – over it. It is what it is. So, in a sense, I know the same old thing: the importance of self-soothing, calming yourself down.

Next: take action. Calls M, D, Clinic, other clinic. Figure out work, car, food, cleaning, heat (given I heat with wood, which requires being carried in…)

I’ve done some, need to do more. Find someone to take me to the osteso surgeon on Friday – that’s big and coming up fast.

Next: figure out what I can and can’t do erercise-wise so I can stick with some version of Goal 5.


Go to the doctor

Fell yesterday.

Left foot swollen to twice its size and major black and blue.

No use dreading or feeling sorry for myself, just need to get my ass to the clinic and find out if I broke a bone or not and deal with it.

Yes, it upends my careful plan for this week… but not knowing is worse/

ABC, 1-2-3

Do abs.

Knock off emails on my to-do list.

Start dinner.

Let cats in.

Build fire in woodstove and watch remainder of film with boyfriend.

15 min. somewhere in house with him decluttering.

Sleep, sleep the sleep on angels…

Sometimes living what you know is not esoteric or angst-y. It’s a just-do-it thing.

Later Have done most of the above and feeling much better for it. Ah.

I suppose that’s how you know whether or not you are living what you know – that inner compass where True North is being at peace with yourself.

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