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Even LCDs' .....?

“Dubbed the “missing greenhouse gas,” nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) was found by a recent study to have a global climate impact 17,000 times greater than carbon dioxide. The chemical is found in the LCD panels of cell phones, televisions, and computer monitors, as well as in semiconductors and synthetic diamonds. The chemical is not one of the greenhouse gases monitored by the Kyoto Protocol, due to the fact that LCDs were not produced in significant quantities when it was drafted.

What kind of impact is this suppose to have, you ask? The chemical is found to stay in the atmosphere for 550 years and there is no force of nature known to remove it. This year, nitrogen trifluoride emissions are expected to have an impact equal to Austria’s CO2 output. “



“This site is intended to be a light-hearted and interesting way to think about a serious issue – that of climate change , global poverty and inequality between the nations competing in the World Cup
www.whoshouldicheerfor.com Countries are ranked, using official UN or World Bank figures, on ten criteria including: third world debt, life expectancy, aid generosity, contribution to climate change, corruption and military spending. The website has been created by anti-poverty campaigners the World Development Movement (WDM) who were one of the founders of the Make Poverty History coalition”

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