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Do Master Cleanse for 21 Days


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It’s been so long since I’ve been up here I have no idea what my last username was. Nevertheless, I have reverted back to so many old ways brought on by a serious bout of depression which built up over the nearly 4yrs I’ve been back in the small county where I grew up. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be where I’m at considering everything I had accomplished but I will assume it means I still had a deeper lesson to learn.
That being said, I haven’t completed the Master Cleanse faithfully in about 5yrs. Yea, I’m not too happy to admit that but I think a lot has to do with my settling for where I was and feeling like I didn’t have to be any better than that. Boy was I ever wrong! Here I go again and still can’t say honestly, right at this moment, that I KNOW I’m going to make it for my goal period. I do know I’m going to give it 110% since I’ve averaged well below 75% as of late in my life.
Tonite I start with the original Smooth Move which has been seeping for close to 24hrs now. I like the peppermint and chocolate Smooth Moves as well just because I like to mix it up. I tend to do the same with the Lemonade, sometimes choosing the Lime instead just to break the monotony. I believe in making sure that half my body weight in ounces of water is also downed daily. I will start off with a gallon of water/day just to round it all out.
I like starting out Day 1 without the lemonade just to get in a good elimination based water fast. Exercise is definitely a focus during this time because I’m very familiar with how it can aid in toxins being released as well. Energy is at such a high level during the cleanse, there shouldn’t be any apprehension about moving forward according to my strategy.

I am glad to be doing this again on 43things.com. It really does offer a way to be held accountable when you are doing it alone. I’m committed to chronicling the journey in its entirety here- 21 Days. My fingers are crossed. Til Tomorrow…

*Tip 1: If you think you have to pass gas and you haven’t been too long downed the SWF, STOP and head to the toilet. It’s not pretty if you happen to be mistaken.


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