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Books vs. articles!

I have been focusing for the past year or two mainly on reading articles for my work. Reading articles does help to stay tune with the most recent developments, but it has its own disadvantages too. The collected information is, in the end, a little “patchy,” and the interconnection of different aspects are not always clear.

I think I should give a larger share to books (technical books, I mean), at least for a while. To get the more established view, follow a more systematic trend, and find a more comprehensive account of what has been done and why.

Only if they would set up my library account sooner!


myself again getting around actually learning the subject by using other ways to get things done. I’ve taken a random course, just for fun of it, but once again with other tasks pushing their way into my schedule, I don’t have enough time to spend on it. So, instead of taking the time to fully comprehend the subject (I need to organize the pieces and form a solid logical flow for it), I’m using all the shortcuts to reach the same results. I kind of like it that I can do that, but bypassing the basic understanding step is doomed to fail in long-term :).


I’ve been lazy lately to look up things in a dictionary. It happens a lot that one can “guess” what something means and move on (you know, the engineering way to do things; if it works, it’s enough) but I figure it’s usually not the best way to go. I find myself more often than not lacking the right word, and needless to say, those words are usually the ones that I have failed to learn when I had the chance to.

I’ll try writing down the new words and looking them up (and possibly using them). Just a tad more aggressive in learning, perhaps.

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