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practice and spread acceptance, understanding and compassion

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At some

point, like any other goal to be achieved, I guess I have to think clearly on a pathway for this one too (clearly, for goals like this, it’s not an easy task).

Breaking it down:
1. Practice
1.1. Acceptance
1.2. Understanding
1.3. Compassion

2. Spread
2.1. Acceptance
2.2. Understanding
2.3. Compassion

For now, let’s focus on number 1:

I think, as it is, I’m doing fine in 1.1, practicing acceptance (part of it is because of my detachment from real life… in any case, it works). 1.2 is a tad touchy, as it requires an active process of seeking information to “understand” something that might be completely different from my view. I suspect the thing that holds me back in this area is a vague fear of conflict (which I try to avoid)... a fear that I might stir up some unwanted confrontation by hitting sensitive nerves. 1.3 is a whole different story… there are some logical reasoning on how compassion is justified, but for the most part it relies on the emotions/feelings/(...the correct word that I can’t remember right now). I’m not good at this, I have to admit. And I have little more than faint clues on how to improve in that aspect.

Sorry for the elongated babbling :)

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