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Felicity87 has written 7 entries about this goal

Feels good to have found myself again!

I took time out to meditate, do the things i love to do, relax and focus on my goals and voila i found myself again. When i get too busy to think that’s when i get lost n i just start doing things that have nothing to do with who i am or where i wana go. so i’m back on track, i m sure i’ll have to re-open this goal but hopefully not for a while. I think my new bf helps me with this one.

Spiritual development

Another major focus of my life is spiritual development and I’ve found I favour eastern techniques such as meditation and yoga. I also want to be a vegetarian and live a life in line with my spiritual purpose. These are areas of my life i have been neglecting and this may be why I’m feeling lost.


Another thing I love is soccer. I’ve played for 9 years ad I look forward to playing and training so much. It is a source of so much not just fitness, but skill, concentration, flexibility, coordination, fast-thinking, decision making, team-work, positive thinking, encouragement, how to give and take criticism, friendship, celebration, fun, winning, losing, self-confidence, self-respect, power, energy, strength. I love soccer.
Being active and health conscious is defineately a big part of who I am, it is something I value and am proud of in myself.


Another thing I value a lot is knowledge. I love to be constantly learning. I read a lot of books and am doing a double degree, although i want to be a teacher I have a strong interest in psychology and am doing a degree in that also.
I love having long intellectual discussions about ideas and intangible things. I love words and using big words, learning new words and playing with words. I love satire and metamorphs, I love poetry and passionate raw literature. This is a big part of who I am.


Another part of me is my desire to be a teacher. This is one of my biggest goals, to be able to have my own class of students and assist them in learning the wonders of the world. I know I especially want to teach in my area as I feel passionate about helping my immediate community. This is a big driving force in my life and I need to focus on finishing my teaching degree.

I love music, I want music, I need music.

One thing that is a massive part of me n my life is music.
Playing, listening to and discovering new music defineately links into where i want to be, who i am n what i value.
People who appreciate music as much as myself share a secret with me, I want to surround myself with more musically inclined people.

I lose myself on a regular basis.

I get caught up in the hustle and bustle material world, i forget what i really want and end up chasing something off my path.
I think i’m lost again, i don’t know what I want and therefore don’t know who i want to be and thus don’t know who i am, where i am or where i’m headed.
This goal will end up painting a picture of who i am, what my values and goals are n serve as a constant reminder to stay on my path.

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