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Starting point...

Overall this would be the basic plan.

6-7 workout
7-8 adls/planner
8-9 kids adls/ breakfast
9-10 chores/ priorities
12-1 lunch/ clean up
2-3 workout
5-6 dinner prep/ next day planning
6-7 family dinner/ family clean up/ kids lessons
7-8 kids lessons/ kids adls/ bath, story and bed time for kiddos
8-9 self care
9-10 bed

The empty hours are to be filled with outings for the kids and playtime and my studying and hobbies and anything else. All in all my days are flexible but the main things are on the list and I know to get them in at some point!

Following through with the routine is going to be hard. I hate “schedules” which is why I left mine so flexible. I’m dreading waking up at 6 am but I figure school will be resuming before I know it and I might as well get used to waking up earlier now.
Tomorrow is my first official day on the routine even though we wont be home most of the day! LOL I will figure out how to fit everything in during the hours we are home. The goal is to keep choas away by following through with the main things each day!

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