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Spring Hoop 30/30 (May 9-June 9)

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Spent the last day hooping at Gay Pride. So fun. :D

Off and on

Hooped off an on just little bits. No music, just stepping out on my porch and using my side door as a mirror. Practicing making my rolls straight, and trying to chest roll without completely elevating my arm. I know that’s not a big deal, but I think it looks smoother and better if I can shoot it down my arm with just my wrist.. eh, we’ll see.

Field trip

My mom is a front desk manager at a hotel, and I spent the day there with her (the big manager doesn’t care) (10am-3pm) and I got bored, and I took my hoops (I brought them with me knowing I’d get bored) and went to the field across from the hotel and hooped my little heart out! It was so much fun. I had so much space! I hooped on some concrete pipes that ran through the little pond, that was cool.
Didn’t even think to video tape! Totally will next time!

Had fun

I was hooping outside today in my driveway, most completely exposed to my neighbors. And I was hooping, and enjoying it of course. But then, I realized I was completely missing the point.
I was out there hooping, but I wasn’t dancing. I wasn’t having fun. I wasn’t letting go and being carefree for those few songs. So, when Cozza Frenzy by Bassnectar came on (I burned it to a CD. It’s the most rap like song on there and really invigorating.) I let go. I realized that if I’m not going to have fun, why am I hooping at all? I hoop not only for me to leg go and have a blast, but to show others that’s what life is about. Just having fun. And I did. Oh did I have fun. I danced and waved my arms about and jumped and acted a little too gangster for my white ass, but GOD was it nice.
I’ve been having a somewhat a mental struggle lately connecting to life and it really brought be down, ya know? And, though there really wasn’t anyone out there, when people did pass by, I didn’t stop. No matter how much I wanted to. No matter how much I didn’t want them to look at me. I kept going. Flinging around and slipping and looking like a fool (because I’m really clumsy in my hooping, constantly slipping and stumbling over myself.. I think that may have to do with being on rocks and they slide in the dirt, but that also just has to do with me. I’ve really been working on cleaning it up a bit. Not because I don’t want to look silly, but because it’s frustrating to keep stumbling and not be able to go smooth.)
Anyway, it was wonderful.

Virgin Burn!!

A friend of mine and my aunt’s brought her fire hoop to my aunt’s house last night and shared it with us! It was super cool. Not as hot as I thought it would be. We did video it but for some reason the videos can’t go on YouTube. In any case it was wicked!!
Definitely getting my own fire hoop as soon as I can.

New hooping place

My dad recently made a fire pit in our backyard, and on the other side of it is the perfect space for hooping!! Loving it! Also he’s put Christmas lights around it which will be great for night hooping. My LED broke :(.
Anyway, I know I got at least 15 minutes today.. For me, this goal will just be to do hoop every day, not so much for 30 min everyday. That just sticks in my head then when I only do like 10 min. I feel like I failed even though I did hoop, which is the important part because I haven’t been motivated to hoop lately and I need to make myself!

Also, I posted a video today called The Pieces Fit on my personal YouTube channel. :)


Hooped it up today to more Tool and A Perfect Circle.
I hadn’t hooped much these last few weeks, but it was REALLY nice.
I found out that for me, the key to losing myself is headphones.
Oi, I REALLY need my own MP3 player. At least my sister lends me hers on occasion.


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