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Im a fashion addict and I want SOOO badly to dress more crazier and not worry about about what other people say about it! Ughh.


(I already posted this on another thread but Ill post this tip again!)

Well, Im working on this goal each day/night at a time, and I think it’s coming along good, but Im still not where I want to be. I want to be able to speak up in a class or in front a large group of people about what I think and not be so anxious and nervous about it.

But Ive got a tip that MIGHT help with your confidence:

Whenever you’re feeling down or bad about yourself, just find about 10 or just a few of UPBEAT songs that you love and just make you feel..CONFIDENT. Maybe some songs that make you dance and feel like no one else is around. Put these songs on your Ipod (cd player, or whatever you have) and listen to them pretty often or whenever you’re about to go out and do something that you usually dont have confidence in doing. I dont know..just get some songs that make you FEEL good and confident and BE those songs. Imagine youreself being that carefree girl/or boy and BE that image! Or you can find a few inspirational pictures that inspire you to be yourself and just be confident and put them up in your locker,room,or in your purse,Ipod,etc. Just find things that inspire you to be confident and take some energy from that and channel it into your own thing! For instance, I am really into French, so Im listening to this French song called “A Cause Des Garcons” by Yelle and its a really upbeat,pop-electronic driven song and it’s so FUN to listen to and just dance around and be crazy to =P

I myself am trying this tip out so, WISH ME LUCK! =D And feel free to talk to me anytime if you want to talk =]

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