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This will probably always be an ongoing goal for me

But since I’m not working on it right now, it’s gotta go! Must make more room on my list!

Got off the hamster wheel

Somehow I have settled into a better groove with this. I am still getting lots done and being productive, but the pace feels manageable.

Last night I even had a few extra hours to spend at my sweetie’s house doing his laundry and dishes! (Now don’t start to grumble at that, ladies… I am only beginning to do my share after all the times he has done this for me!)

Now I think I’m ready to give my “meditate daily” goal another go. A daily practice totally transforms my sense of time.

If getting more done means managing my time better, I've succeeded

... but that’s not really what I meant with this goal. When I wrote it I was feeling totally overwhelmed by all my projects and social comittments and personal/work responsibilities.

Now I am being much more productive. My sweetie gave me a kick start by cleaning my apartment for me. Then I made a massive to-do list and started ticking off things. It feels good to tick off things and get stuff done. It makes me feel capable, responsible, on top of things. If I didn’t buy toilet paper and get my oil changed and pay my bills, I’d be in trouble.

But I know there’s more to life than feeling like every moment is another project ticked off my list! I think the next step of this project will involve some journaling about the ways I spend my time and the ways I want to spend it.

I feel like I'm always on the run

Every weekend there are 5 things I just can’t miss. But I have to miss some of them. And somewhere in there I have to relax a little too. I have recently reduced my volunteer commitments, but I don’t feel like my life has slowed down one bit. I don’t feel like I have more of that elusive down time. I have been spending more time with friends—and that’s good. But I don’t want to spend my days rushing around feeling harried any more.

I guess I’m a “type A” personality. Slowing down is not easy for me. Let me rephrase that: it hasn’t been easy for me in the past.

My partner and I just had a slightly tense discussion about plans for this weekend: we each have things we really want the other to do with us, and we are both feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted.

Stop the world, I want to get off!

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