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5) Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup

A recipe from the VitaMix cookbook. It was easy prep & a great accompaniment to watermelon & pimento cheese sandwiches. It was fast, easy & I could control the sodium in it. I did not add any, just what was in the cheese & bacon.

The recipe called for turkey bacon, which I would have used if it called for regular bacon. I love soups, but commercial ones including those claiming lower sodium are so salty! This was almost as fast as heating up a condensed soup.

I will be making this again for lunch, soon. :)

4) Speaches Plus

I found a site, www.blenditandmendit.com that has a lot of ideas for smoothies. They had one for peaches & spinach. Gee, I had both of those. I am not real hungry in this heat & wanted a bit of protein to call this my dinner. I added some whole almonds. Wasn’t bad!

3 peaches, peeled & pitted
2 handfuls, washed spinach
1/2 C whole almonds
6-7 ice cubes

Blend it & drink. Not bad at all! Mom says it tastes a bit too much of spinach, but I think it tastes fine. She isn’t big on spinach, tho.

3) Breakfast Smoothie

This morning I made a smoothie using things that are always in the house. Tastes pretty good.

1 Activia yogurt (peach this time)
1/4 C frozen blueberries
1/2 frozen bananas
1/2 scoop chia seeds
1 scoop vanilla whey powder

I gotta say I prefer drinking this to eating it. My Mom has raw oatmeal, yogurt & frozen blueberries every morning. Watching her eat it day after day has turned me off this healthy breakfast. This smoothie is very similar, I might even throw in some oatmeal & more liquid, but it is not the exact same. It makes a big difference in my eyes & mind.

I’m not that fond of the peach yogurt & blended this way it tasted much better, too. The blueberries & vanilla whey powder tasted stronger than the peach.

2) Macaroni & Cheese

The Vita-Mix recipe book contained an interesting recipe for a fairly healthy sounding mac & cheese. I used gluten free flour, 1% milk and sharp cheddar, with just a touch of low fat spread. Poured over whole wheat noodles & then topped with…. Home made Vita-Mix Bread Crumbs. 30 minutes in the oven & it was ready. Quick prep is always good!

I can see this recipe being a regular lunch recipe. It is so much healthier then Monkey’s beloved orange stuff. The recipe was almost perfect for the 4 of us. The boys both ate it & Mom gave it a thumbs up, also,

I did not get the lid of the machine on correctly & I made a mess. I will definitely need to make sure the lid is secure before my next use. I am thinking smoothie for breakfast…

1) Bread Crumbs

Woohooo!!! I made bread crumbs, lol. Ok, but it was a start 7 they tasted quite nice. I do use bread crumbs quite a bit & I thought these were much nicer than previous attempts. The Vita-Mix got them fine, but not so fine they were like flour.

QVC strikes again

Mom has an addiction to QVC. It is actually better these days then it used to be. She does however purchase things that go unused. A couple months ago she got a new vitamix machine. I think we have used it once.

Summer is the time for fresh, light foods & I think I am going to try to use the vitamix machine every other day to try new recipes & get used to it. Otherwise it is another expensive counter space eater!

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