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As trained as he wants!

Bodhi is a great companion dog. He has his moods. He doesn’t like the rain & may decide not to go outside in the rain. He likes to tear tp off the roll. All small things. His worst habit is running away. He thinks I want to chase him.

He tolerates my grandsons and is always gentle. He takes care of Mom & I, if we are sick. (Dog kisses do heal). He’s good with other dogs, including my daughters new puppy.

I am never going to get around to teaching him things like sit. He knows what I need.


Bodhi just may have the use of the dog pen down. We have only found “surprises,” on the day it first snowed. It melted, so we may go thru this again, but otherwise he seems to be doing well.

He is starting to walk right, respond to down when he is jumping 4 feet in the air to greet people. After the holidays I think I will start working on some of the other basic commands. He is generally very eager to please, once he figures out what is wanted. He can be very stubborn, if he knows what you want & he isn’t in the mood. I have just adopted the habit of picking him up & putting him in submissive until he is feeling less stubborn.

He is a very agreeable, smart dog. He is certainly proving to be a life savor!

Quiet time!

I have been sick with various cruds that the grandsons have been sharing, one after another. The pink eye was a definite low point. I have instituted quiet times for all of us. The boys need rest, so do I.

I have been crating Bodhi during quiet times. I think it is actually beneficial. He needs the slow, quiet time too. As long as he has his platypus toy and can see one of the family from the crate he seems content to nap. After being in the crate & then shoved out the dog door after quiet time, he is doing much better on his house training.

I have gotten a book on clicker training & plan on reading it and starting it now that I am feeling better.

The old dog owner...

is relearning more than the pup is learning. Puppies and babies are very time consuming! You forget this! Bohdi is still working on housetraining. He is doing better & most of the issues are really mine. I sometimes forget to watch the clock after feeding, or forget to cage him at night.

He is a great puppy overall. A very gentle puppy, he has not nipped no matter where the grandsons have tugged & pulled. I need to focus on his/my issues. He cries/whines when we are not home. He tears paper all over the place, no book, magazine, mail, newspaper, etc., is safe.

Bodhi is not too wild about his walks – he prefers to ride in the kids stroller, lol. He will walk grumpily for awhile, but then he holds sit down strikes. I didn’t want a high energy dog, and he certainly meets that criterion! A few tosses of a toy to fetch or an occasional mad race back & forth in the house are enough exercise for him in his opinion.

I am considering signing up for a dog obedience class. I am pretty sure I need it, couldn’t hurt Bodhi!

(Picture is Bodhi & the Crab, best friends, watching the bath tub fill.)


I have a new Schnoodle puppy. He is 4 months old today. My dog, Ryo loved to chew on odd things. He got an infection in his gums & the infection spread through out his body. Trips to the vet, hospitalization, nothing worked. I had to put him down Wednesday. I have not been without a dog friend since 1988. I had been planning on adding another dog as a companion for Ryo in June, then my heart attack happened.

As I had done research, I was prepared for a hunt. I lucked out in finding a match right away. I looked at two pups yesterday. The brothers were both adorable. Pup One had the softest coat,looks mostly like a poodle. He is a friendly, happy, enthusiastic personality. Pup Two looks more like a Schnauzer. He looks and sit backs more, warms up slowly. Pup Two came home & is now named Bodhi.

Now I need to start training. So far housebreaking is a bust, but that is to be expected with a major change in lifestyle.

I have him adapting to a collar. We are working on wearing a leash. At this point he vote, no thank you. Tonight I took him for a walk around the park in the baby stroller. He sat quietly and looked around. I want a dog who is mellow around my grandchildren. He seems to like the boys and is starting to interact more and more with them. His happy brother was a bit too enthusiastic playing with them. He was all over everyone. His personality reminded me of Ryo. I loved my dog, but I did feel it necessary to keep him away from the boys most of the time. His size and enthusiasm could be dangerous to them.

I am presently trying to sort out the basics, then I will start the real training. :)

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