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Budget Revamping

It is time to redo my budget. The take home has changed, so have the amounts of some of the bills. I also have picked up a new payment – my surgery, from May, since last revamping the budget.

Today I started with some initial recording and then based on it, started making phone calls. I have opted to put the electric bill on a budget plan. The Summer air conditioning bills really zapped my budget this year. It was so muggy that the a/c was constantly on for months. I was rather surprised at how low the electric bill will be on budget. a very pleasant surprise!

I am also starting to look at house repairs. My roof is in desperate need of replacing. I have a bid for less then what I have set aside. I am now in the process of checking out the contractor. If things look good – I may have a new roof still this year!

I do not like debt. I tend to try & save before I purchase, be it home repairs or a stick of gum. If I go ahead with the roof, then I really need to start saving more…I am pretty sure the new roof will make the siding and windows look worse. I have a lot of repairs and remodeling contemplated. I am going to need a really big change jar. ;)

Always Extra

I have always been the “extra income.” There have been times that the “extra,” meant we got to eat, but it was still not the BULK of the income. Never enough to say I pay my own way.

I want to be financially independent. I am just beginning to sort out what this exactly means, but I gotta start somewhere. The desire is where I am. I am messing with the budget, too.

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