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Honey. We're Home

The last of the boxes got carried out last night. What a relief.

Now we have to finish decorating and making improvements. This will take months.

Window of Opportunity

The baby is with grandma and grandpa for the week so I can do make home improvements, including getting the last of the stuff out of boxes. The first day is over and already I’m behind schedule.

Stuff Still In Boxes

We’re down to the hard to place items, mostly things that need to be hung on the wall. The walls here are plaster over brick so it’s not as easy as drywall. I’m not even going to try hanging anything on the walls that border the neighboring apartments. They’re like rock.

I still have to hound Douglas Elliman about returning our move-out deposit.

This all has to be done by the 29th of August.

More Details

We still have stuff in boxes and I thought of something else that needs to get done before I can call us moved – I need to get our moving deposits back from both buildings.


I just got the Internet hooked up. All of our stuff is here but I’ll call this done when the last empty box gets carried out.

Prospect Heights is great and we love our apartment. It’s so much bigger. Now I wonder how we ever crammed ourselves into a 1-bedroom.

Furniture Out

The movers came this morning and took everything out. I’m still in the place, writing this while sitting on the floor. I’ll miss this apartment. I’ve lived here for so many years and have so many memories. They say that life is short, but when I think of all the places that I’ve lived, it seems long.

Apartment In Boxes

We’ve got everything packed and the movers are coming tomorrow. All of our stuff will go into storage while we live at a hotel, until we can move in on Thursday.


We’re loading up boxes right now. U-Haul is the best place to get moving supplies. They even have a bin full of free boxes. Sweet!

Monkey Wrench

Our buyers are proving to be a pain in the ass. We’ve been accommodating to them so far and apparently that has only encouraged their wrench throwing. To head off more craziness from their side, we had to push up our moving date by two days, creating more headaches and expenses for us. Now I hope that, as we get closer to the closing, they won’t make a practice of inventing more problems.

Moving Date Set

Our buyers were approved and the lawyers have set a closing date. We’re scheduled to move on the 24th of this month.

I haven’t moved in over 10 years and now I’m relieved to see how much easier the Internet makes the whole process.

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