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An owl looks back

Here he or his companion is in a different tree. We hear the owls every night, hooting and sort of cackling. Their hoots make Moxie’s fur stand on end.

Barred owl

I photographed this giant fellow high in a big tree behind our house. He had been hooting pretty loudly to his friends & neighbors, some of whom answered in kind. He didn’t seem to mind me taking pictures with my inexpensive Canon telefoto lense far below from our side of our chain link fence.

Online later, I learned that barred owls, often called hoot owls, are moving into older suburbs like ours that are full of older mature trees. They’re thriving here. They feed on other birds, squirrels, opossums, rabbits and so on. I love the look and sound of them, but I can’t help but worry that one will mistake our small terrier for a rabbit one day, who now should only go outside with human supervision I think, despite the fact that she likes to go out some five times a night.

often-elusive chickadee (nope)

At least I think it’s a chickadee. (nope I was wrong, it’s a tufted titmouse. See Comments.

Regal looking cardinal

I love cardinals best. I put out safflower seeds to attract them.

downy woodpecker converses

with a sparrow.

Downy woodpecker attacks

an unsuspecting finch for getting too close to the peanuts, probably.

yellow finch

These birds are around for about a month each spring before moving out to the prairie.

Blue jay

Jays are pretty standoffish most of the time, especially lately with the clouds of starlings about. But they’ll go anywhere for peanuts.


The male gets the red chest.

Red bellied woodpecker

This fellow used to come by every afternoon when there were peanuts to be had.

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