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My donation went much more smoothly tonight. Perhaps doing it on a really hot day was not so wise last summer – I don’t function well in the heat. But tonight went super smooth. Another double red donation. The local ambulance station sponsored the even and did an awesome job with the refreshments; homemade soups, chili and cookies.

And, I received my four gallon pin.

Try, try again

After nearly passing out last time that I tried to donate blood, enough time has elapsed that I can once again attempt to donate. I set up an appointment to donate on Monday. I’m going to do a couple of things differently to try to avoid a repeat performance.

BUT…when I called to donate, that thanked me for my previous 36 donations. My friend C, immediately said “Wow, that’s over 4 gallons.” Obviously, they have been tracking this for a VERY long time. So I’ve also changed the name of this goal from donate a gallon to donate five gallons.

I tried :/

I went to the blood drive fully hydrated and ready. I never made it through the first pint. I started to feel lightheaded and nauseous. I’m a tall, thin guy with low blood pressure who knows when there is trouble. The staff got my head down and feet up so I never lost consciousness, but it voided my donation :(

Progress remains at two pints total. I’ll try again in the fall.

Next appointment scheduled...

...for next Saturday. My wife and I are going to donate together.

This is another double-red donation and will bring me to the half way point of a gallon.

Two pints

Two pints donated as of today.

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