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Make the 14th of every month the day I backup my computer

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Finally, finally, finally….I bought Carbonite which does a DAILY backup of everything.

PS…I can’t take credit for deciding to do it…I got tired of my boyfriend asking me WHEN I’d do it. LOL

A quickie

I was having some connection issues and my IT buddy offered to check out my home PC – but I had to bring it to work. The big question? Back up everything or leave it alone and cross my fingers?

I did both. I cleaned out files that I really didn’t need and also manually backed up (and removed)some personal files. He said I didn’t need to but I felt safer.

At least I know I’m current again. As usual, I seem to be procrastinating about the service. Maybe by the end of the year? This had better go on my To Do list now.

Looking into a service

Since I don’t seem to be keeping up on this, I’m considering a secure online service.

Mozy, Carbonite….any one have an experience with these?

Nothing to backup...not really...

Except for a few files, no significant changes this month. If I lost it, I could recreate the info or I have print outs. I’m good.

Good to go this month

I scanned a few files and saw I hadn’t updated much since the last backup in June so I’m OK until August. I don’t think I need to back up everything monthly so I’ll just review the PC every month to determine what needs to be saved.

Fade to black

I’d been having a minor issue with the monitor on my PC fading periodically. Last week, it was happening more and more. And this morning? Kaput! Complete darkness.
It’s sure a good thing that I backed up my PC last month for my upgrade – although it’s not likely I’ll do it this month since I can’t SEE anything.
At least I can use my work laptop if necessary.
Time to shop – quickly.

My PC is back and better than ever

My PC had a major memory upgrade done for me by a co-worker. He also cleaned up my settings and fixed a few things. THe PC now wakes up in record time!
It’ll make backing it up a breeze!

I did it, I did it!

It took me a few attempts – but it’s backed up.
I got a second 4 GIG flash drive. After spending time this weekend deleting files that I didn’t need, I copied my pictures onto one and my document files onto the other.

Tonight, I’ll unplug the computer, dust it off and take it down to my car. I told my co-worker on Friday that he’d have it Monday to upgrade for me.

I’m so excited. I wish I knew why I procrastinated so long…

Baby steps

I took 2 steps this week -

1. I spent an hour this week deleting obsolete files
2. I bought a 4 gig flash drive

Moving forward, ever so slowly….

Still not done....

oy vay!

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