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create my own stimulus plan by doing at least one NEW AND FULFILLING thing in July, August, and September 2009

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Earlier this month, I went on a “retreat”. Not just a weekend away but to an actual Paulist retreat center in the mountains of NJ. The setting was beautiful – mountain, lake (in the picture), nature and lots of rain. That didn’t matter – I went walking in the rain with some other guests.

I went with the organization I belong to – about 30 people (I knew a dozen). It was 3 days of talking, laughing, crying. We had group discussions and one-on-one talks. We had meditation sessions and even played games until early morning hours.

Our last discussion was about what we were leaving behind and what were we taking with us . My response? I was leaving behind a little of the viel I hide behind and a few of my fears. I was taking away a better understanding of me and the fellowship of new friends.

Most definitely the most fulfilling thing I’ve done all year. Bring on the next challenge!


I have a long “To Do” list – some big (car), some small (shredding). A big thing I tackled this month was getting a new mattress set.

My old Queen had served me well – 11 years on the job and she supported me when I was over 100 pounds more. But it was time for retirement.

Mattress shopping is NOT fun. How can you tell if it’s comfortable unless you’re in your PJ’s and ready to sleep? I went to several stores, several times. Each time I got info, I went on line to research them. I found several excellent blogs about mattress “myths”, which helped me narrow my choices.

I decided on a Stearns and Foster, English Garden, Plush (no pillow top) and it was delivered on 8/15. It’s nice but I’m still adjusting to it. I’m sleeping OK and it’s comfortable but it’s less firm than I had before. I just need to get used to it. The good news is I have a 60-return option, just in case.

I’m happy I got one big item off my To-Do list, happy to have helped the economy a bit too!


V-A-C-A…TION, in the summer time! Everybody sing!
Clearly, going on my vacation this month – however short it was – was new and fulfilling.

Time away from the job – heaven
Time alone – heaven
Time at the beach – heaven
Time to do what I wanted – heaven

Like Shoeless Joe said in “Field of Dreams”....”Is this Heaven?”, it’s the Jersey shore…..

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