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Be frugal in January


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I am SO broke right now
and it’s simply because I was spending money like a drunken yuppie in December and as I took the whole month off, ie had no income, that didn’t end too well! Had I not been so irresponsible, I wouldn’t be broke now either.
So in January I’m going to start being financially responsible. Few rules:
  • set a weekly budget
  • do a weekly menu + shop
  • buy no toiletries unless I run out of something (highly unlikely!)
  • buy no clothes (I want to lose weight first anyway)
  • buy no clothes for DD unless absolutely necessary (she’ll need a whole new wardrobe soon)
  • no ready meals and take aways
  • only buy things that I really need

If I stick to this, I can have a nice treat in February – maybe a facial.


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