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Build bone density

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My new love of

yougurt and granola should be helping this goal out. :-)


Well good news, the new place I’m working at has TERRIBLE tasting coffee. So much so, that I hate drinking it (honestly what’s the point of weak coffee????). So I’ve cut down tons and tons.

Although, DANGER my sister is working at Starbucks for the summer….better watch out on that one.


Today I bought calcium pills, hopefully this will help neutralize all the coffee I’ve been drinking…...

Bad Bones!

I had a bone density test last year, and it turns out that I have the bone density of a 65 year old (which is like 40 years older than me!!!) SCARY!!
Apparently the causes are small bone structure and being caucasian (well I can’t help it, I was born that way).
So I’ve been trying to cut down on caffine (v. hard), drink more milk, and work out more.
I don’t want my bones to fall apart in 10 years.

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