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all the scary dog hair and dust raccoons from the bedroom in preparation for delivery of our nifty new bed. Bedroom is much cleaner. Honestly, I am not sure how we were breathing with all that dust.


Sweetie and I are starting gently with an hour a day of cleaning for the next three days. It was a good start today. A little more tomorrow. I like having a clean bathroom though. Kitchen and bathroom are always high priorities for me on the cleaning front. Thing is, those places always get dirty again. Oh well. gradually, we will get to some of the clutter and dusty places and to the process of getting rid of excess stuff—papers, things we don’t need or use etc.

There are few things that

give me the sense of accomplishment and sense of comfort that I get from having a gleaming freshly cleaned bathroom. Wish I had a big ‘ol claw foot tub in there to soak in. We could have put one in when we renovated I suppose but it is the only bathroom and a more standard tub and shower seemed more prudent. Boy would I like to add a bathroom with a big deep tub sometime though

Worked on

recycling pile up in kitchen!

Not sure if this counts

because it is on the outside of the house, but I mowed the lawn today and picked up dog poop, and did some weed tree control with the loppers (I love the loppers).

It's a start-Again

I swept and mopped the dreaded kitchen floor this afternoon. It still doesn’t look all that clean because it is so scratched up and disintegrating. We really need a new floor which is a whole lot more complicated than it sounds. We almost had it replaced last summer but never found any vinyl sheet flooring that we thought looked even remotely tolerable. Then we discovered that we could get reasonably nice looking overstock ceramic tile in large squares for a similar price to vinyl but we ran out of time to deal with having a big inconvenient project in the kitchen and time to see if our contractor was willing to do tile instead of vinyl flooring. Eventually we’re going to have the whole darn kitchen gutted and bumped out and remodeled but we just aren’t there yet and in the mean time we have to find some way to keep the floor clean. Tile would be great because the dog is messy and frankly so are we and the rolling dish washer(also known as the relationship saver) scratches the vinyl terribly.

Today’s washing of the floor unfortunately is going to be ephemeral. In a week or two it will be cruddy again and I just won’t have time or motivation to clean it. I would gladly learn how to do the tile myself but the thing about DIY is it often involves vastly more time and frustration than hiring a professional and often acquiring or renting tools we don’t own. And it will have to wait anyway till after I graduate. There will be a whole bunch of house related goals after I graduate.

I also happened to sweep up the equivalent of a Pomeranian from the floor.

Perhaps I should also note that I cleaned the bathroom last weekend and sweetie vaccumed the floor last week.

This is embarassing

but. . . sweetie and I braved the scary cupboard over the stove that was infested with some sort of icky bugs that were chowing down on some ancient bread mix we got from my parents several years ago. Forgot that was up there. Sweetie was valiant and did most of the wiping out- it is really high. I can’t even get up there without standing on the stove. I think the bugs are gone now. Ick. Wrinkles nose in disgust.

It's a start

We (sweetie and me), waded in today and got a bunch done. I super cleaned the bathroom so all the moldy places in the tile are gone. I hate those and since we had the BR renovated a few years ago I feel I should take extra nice care of it. It sparkles now. Too bad that won’t last long. Sweetie valiantly tried to find the floor and vacuum it only to be defeated by another broken vacuum cleaner. I think this is #3 in the last 10 years. A new one has already been ordered online so maybe we can get the floor clean sometime this week or next weekend.

More to do in the kitchen and living and dining rooms I am afraid. After I graduate I am going to lobby for a regularly scheduled weekly cleaning/tidying time so things don’t get so out of hand and maybe we also need to hire someone to help out as well once or twice a month.

We also have a bunch of storage/feng shui issues that contribute to clutter and cleaning problems. We need a good system.

Now I am

not a super neat everything has to be perfect sort of person. But at this point our house has gotten way past my toleration level for both clutter and just plain uncleanliness. I tried to hire a friend’s house cleaner last fall and just played telephone tag for weeks and weeks till I finally gave up.

Now the kitchen and BR are just plain gross. The carpet (ugly stained carpet) is just covered in bits of cardboard (the dog has been slowly shredding a cardboard box) and lots of dog hair.

We have a table in the front hall where mail theoretically gets sorted and things that need to be recycled go into bags in a nifty toy box with a lid so the dog can’t try to shred them. But it had gotten really piled up with stuff since the last time I sorted it a couple months ago so today I got home at 5pm!, much earlier than usual and I spent an hour going through the pile and mostly recycling stuff. There’s still a pile but it is much more manageable.

Gotta try to do some cleaning on the weekend.
Oh, and I cleaned the top of the stove off and a kitchen counter yesterday so I could actually cook something. And I ran the dishwasher.

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