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Sunday 10/3/10

Breakfast: coffee, bacon, eggs over easy, wheat toast

Afternoon: banana pecan waffle, latte

Dinner: catfish courtbouillon, basmati rice, sauteed zucchini.

Saturday 7/10/10

Breakfast: coffee, cashew butter sandwich
Lunch: braised bison sandwich with fresh greens and tomato and some sort of aioli and horse radish and citrus gremolata. Salad of ubiquitous fancy salad greens. Black raspberry soda.
Dinner: arugula, raspberry, strawberry, pine nut salad, steamed muscles in white wine sauce with little crunchy toasts to dip in broth. Too much refreshing German white wine, decaf coffee, vegan chocolate cup cake with sour cherries baked into the center.
Short drive to the theater.

Sunday 7/11/10

Breakfast around noon: coffee, toast, scrambled eggs.
Lunch: refried beans from a can, grated cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, no salt corn chips.
Dinner: boiled new potatoes, steamed green and wax beans, few small bites of chicken, all slathered in newly made pesto from a vat of pesto. Yay huge bunches of basil from the farmers market.

Sunday June 27, 2010

Breakfast: super ripe and sweet fresh local strawberries, a big bowl full with sensuous dollop of decadent honey flavored full fat (god they make it with cream!) Greek yoghurt. Coffee.

Lunch: Leftover steak and potatoes, ice cream sandwich.

Snack: a handful of no salt Bearitos corn chips.

Dinner: tuna fish and white bean salad, steamed broccoli, water

Saturday June 26, 2010- Happy Pride!

Breakfast: Coffee, coffee , coffee, scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with BUTTER.

Lunch: Leftover pasta Primavera.

Dinner: Grilled marinated grass fed flank steak, lovely salad with balsamic and olive oil, lovely little boiled red new potatoes with BUTTER. Bottle o’ Summit Extra Pale Ale consumed while tending the grill. Ice cream sandwich.

Friday 6/25/10

Breakfast: peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread eaten in the car, coffee

Lunch: Frozen store bought lasagna, home made salad with grean pepper and garlic scapes and chick peas and cucumber and a some balsamic vinaigrette. Water.

Dinner: Chips and salsa, home made pasta Primavera with whole wheat fusili fanc organic carrots, garlic scapes, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, zuchini, and white beans. Decadent vodka tonic with lime.

June 20, 2010

Breakfast: coffee, scrambled eggs with sauteed fresh scallions, fresh strawberries, whole wheat toast with butter.

Lunch: 3 bean salad, water

Dinner: awesome tilapia with mango salsa, steamed fresh broccoli, nutty flavored short grain brown rice, water.

Dessert: home made strawberry short cake with whipped cream!!!!
Yay summer foods.

Saturday 6/19/10

Breakfast: coffee, nifty egg sandwich with greens and pesto on multigrain bread at super local farmers market

Lunch: nirvana-like creamy carrot soup with dill, 1/2 a fancy omelet with smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese, yummy grilled bread toast.

Dinner: garlicky pita chips, hummus, 3 bean salad, cous cous and chick pea salad, sauteed sugar snap peas, asparagus with aoli, and lots of sparkling white wine with fresh fruit in it like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and peaches!


scrambled goose egg with sauteed mushrooms
whole wheat toast with butter

leftover Chinese (see yesterday for details)

Baked salmon with mango, red onion, and cilantro salsa
steamed asparagus


More Coffee
Decadent biscuits and sausage gravy at favorite breakfast place. Can only eat about 1/3 of it.

Leftover Szechuan Chinese food: stir fried pea tips, cumin pork ribs, fish fillet in spicy bean sauce, rice

Fancy grass fed pork tenderloin with red pepper “romesco” sauce and almond parsley pesto over weird green mashed potatoes with little black dots that were some sort of Quinoa I think, with lovely vegetable medley of golden beets, oyster mushrooms, and asian green of some kind. The green potatoes tasted very plain and looked a bit like mint chocolate chip ice cream. This chef has a thing for making things with little black dots in them. Slice of crusty bagette with local fancy butter.
Tumbler of Tasty Cabernet.

No home cooking today I am afraid. Feeling lazy.

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