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Save every $5 dollar bill I receive

9 cheers


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Slacking in 2012

Hoping to start this up again in 2013 starting in January. The bills really add up.

Froggy Bank

This is the froggy bank I’m keeping the 5’s in.

Supposedly it won’t break if dropped, so it’s Kitten/Lucy proof. Thankfully there is a stopper at the bottom to get the $ out eventually.

August 1st, 2012 - Day One

2 Fives going into the bank this morning!

Next Month Maybe ?

I’ve been slacking and have fully raided long ago the $5 bills collected.

I have plans to start anew next month when finances look a little brighter.

April - Successful - May - Not Successful - June - Hoping

April I saved almost $200 in $5 bills. May, I failed at this goal and didn’t bother saving the $5 bills after the first week. Not sure why, just didn’t.

June, I feel good about. I’m going to start saving again and will try not to count the amount until a few months of savings have passed.

Stash of $5 Bills

My purse has lots of $5 bills waiting for my Happy Face piggy bank, just now I need to actually put them in there and not spend them :) I’m hoping to save the money for either help with a trip to FL to see family & friends or to assist a friend with upcoming moving expenses. I’m trying my best to not keep track of how much I’m putting in there so I’ll be surprised.

Last time I tried this goal, I kept taking the money out to take care of expenses when I needed cash and was too lazy to visit an ATM. This time, more discipline, less sticky fingers in $5 jar :)

Starting Fresh for April

I haven’t been on task for this one, but have been saving my $5 this month.

Save every $5

Each time I get a $5 bill in change, I’m going to keep it in a piggy bank (in my case, the piggy bank is a happy face man from the 70s) and not count it until either my birthday, in March, or later. I heard about this idea from a money online magazine/blog and it sounds worth trying.

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