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Why must we live like this.

I am 18 years old living in Canada. The system and economy are looked upon as a mandatory practice that everyone partakes in no questions asked. I want to live my life where i dont have work all the time so i can maintain my home,food, spouse, family and i can eperiance life to its fullest. I dont care about owning a big house or a fast car. I care about playing in the river and laying in the sun with not a care in the world.
I want to spend my life living and not live my life spending, dont you?

I feel that if i live my life conforming to societies expectations that i will not be as happy as i could be living a simplier more care free life.

I want to know how. There is a way. Someone just needs to found it.

The thing about finding it though is that the person that has found it is probably so content with themselves and their life that they wont be blogging about it on the internet or telling loads of people.

Its good to know others out there have the same thoughts as me though. that makes me feel a little better.


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