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I had an interesting dream last night,

following my supper of gherkin, blue stilton cheese and a bag of pickled onion flavour Monster Munch.

I was walking across desolate moors, and a thick mist was rising. In the distance I could hear a faint bleating, so I started running towards the sound. The mist got thicker, and I could barely see 6 inches in front of me. I tripped and fell over a pile of dishes and plates. On closer inspection it turned out to be Mother’s best china, in the middle of which there was what looked like an airplane ticket. The bleating grew louder, and as I sat there on that misty moor, surrounded by Mother’s china, the cutest lamb I had ever seen bounded out of the mist towards me, and started playfully licking my ear.

At this point I awoke to find Mother’s cat Mr. Dinkums licking my ear. Rotten cat spoilt my dream. Anyway after kicking the cat, and chasing it out of my room, I sat on the edge of my bed contemplating the meaning of the dream. What does a lamb, china, mist and plane tickets all mean I wonder? Maybe it just means I should be careful what I eat before going to bed, who knows?

I experimented last night.

I still had cheese, but I had a piccalilli instead of gherkins.

I dreamt I was eight years old, and sat up in bed, watching Michael Jackson moon-walking around my bedroom. He stopped, and looked directly at me. He then squealed “I’m bad”, and grasped his crotch with a begloved hand, making a thrusting motion. he moved to the foot of the bed and reached out to touch my feet. He then started to make retching noises.

At this point I awoke to find Mother’s cat, Mr. Dinkums, lay across my feet, coughing up a fur ball. For once, I was pleased about this.

No more piccalilli for me.

Last night

I dreamt that I was being chased by a pack of rabid leprechauns wearing tutus. Mother says I should stop eating cheese and pickled gherkins before going to bed.

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