GAinCA in Oxnard is doing 21 things including…

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No longer in the forefront

Goals I have removed from this list, yet are still in the back of my mind:

- ride in a helicopter
- play in a mariachi band
- salsa dance
- kickbox
- have a library
- watch a space shuttle launch
- go to a jazz club
- go on a cruise

More Goals, II

51. Go to a movie by myself
52. Go to a nice restaurant for dinner by myself
53. Eat more fruits and vegetables
54. Join Toastmasters

More Goals

48. Buy myself a laptop
49. Make a book of lists about myself (e.g., Foods I Don’t Like, Favorite Books, Favorite Songs, this goals list, etc.)
50. Use all my cheers each time I visit 43things

I have more than 43 things.

44. Never stop learning
45. Fly first class
46. Use my passport
47. Buy my parents a house, or at least pay their rent so they don’t have to

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