Pete Branigan in Allendale is doing 39 things including…

list 50 things I like about me!

3 cheers


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Pete Branigan has written 11 entries about this goal


WOW!!!!....this wasn’t easy…

46 - 50 (in no particular order)

My nose
I am a good provider for my family (along with my wife)
I am a USAF Veteran
I learn from my mistakes
I’m thorough

41 - 45 (in no particular order)

I’m adventurous
I don’t take crap from ANYBODY
I laugh out-loud when something funny comes to mind, even if I am alone
I sing really well in the car
I finish what I start

36 - 40 (in no particular order)

I’m confident
I think I have a good relationship with God (I hope He/She feels the same way).
I love life, but knowing I will die someday doesn’t scare me
I’m a crappy golfer, but I enjoy playing anyway
I’m honest

31 - 35 (in no particular order)

I’m dependable
I quit drinking alcohol (‘90) and smoking cigarettes (‘92)
I don’t mind ALWAYS being the “Designated Driver”
I work hard but play harder
I’m loyal

26 - 30 (in no particular order)

I am not judgmental
I recognize my limitations
I’m adventurous
I like to laugh
I’m not afraid to cry

21 - 25 (in nor particular order)

involved in my kids lives
a good driver

16 - 20 (in no particular order)

think about my family more than my work
seldom have trouble falling asleep
care about other people’s feelings
follow through on commitments

11 - 15 (in no particular order)

have good ecological judgement
pay my bills on time
help my mother manage her finances
touch base with loved ones and friends on a regular basis
am a team player at work

6 - 10 (in no particular order)

I’m trustworthy
I like having fun
I spend good quality time with my kids
I volunteer in my community
I am a good neighbor

Pete Branigan has gotten 3 cheers on this goal.


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