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write a song

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GQkudzu has written 3 entries about this goal

Josh Ritter

I’ve been on a Josh Ritter kick for a while. This morning I was listening to Pandora and his “Hello Starling” came on. Such cool songwriting. Makes me really want to push myself more.

Of course it will suck!

I think one thing holding me back on this is this: I absolutely WON’T write a good song the first time. In fact, it will stink. Of COURSE it will! I’m certain Bob Dylan’s and Neil Diamond’s and Fiona Apple’s first songs weren’t anything to brag about either. The point is to write it, no matter how bad it is.

Why have I never done this?

I can play guitar a little but definitely enough that I should’ve written a simple song somewhere along the way. I’ll often play around with chords and hum along or even sing a few basic words to a possible chorus or verse, but then I don’t make it a point to pick back up at the same point later. I’d like to actually finish a complete song—MY song.

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