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earn straight A's


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I realised.

Last year I slacked, big time.
I’m a smart kid. I do have trouble understanding things.
That means I should have As and Bs.
I recieved a C- in Pre-Ap Science.
Because I slacked.
Second Semester I slacked.
I failed pe in term one and almost failed socials.
I’m smart. I feel stupid when kids in the class are comparing grades.
Suddenly I realised.
Why be the stupid one??
I kicked my butt into gear.
I pulled my socials grade from F to C- to C to C+ to a B.
A brilliant B.
My pe was a C+ for the term but, when you average term one and two it was a c-
My math was a B but averaging it was a c+
My english remained a solid A all semester.
This is my year. I will achieve those As!


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