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Much closer

I have begun to exercise every day possible, I’m working my way up to running 10 miles, my current record is 2.5 miles. I stopped eating potato chips and candy bars altogether (though I will have them once every few months, nothing wrong with that, though). I am still kinda negative and struggle to put forth a lot of effort in life, but I blame most of that on ADD medication.

Speaking of the medication, I believe that it is responsible for a lot of my unhealthy practices. It just ruins your life. When I’m on it, there are two things that I struggle with: feeling pleasure and sleeping. It also makes my heart rate shoot through the roof, I was at 100 BPM in the morning, just sitting still. Fortunately, however, I am going to try an alternative therapy called neurofeedback which is supposed to cure ADD altogether.

I'm surprised I'm not fat

In fact, I’m very skinny. I did sports (Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, and Floor Hockey) from 3rd Grade-5th Grade. In 6th Grade, I picked up skiing, and has been the only sport I do, but I can only do it once a year. I occasionally swim or ride my bike. I’ve never had a good diet, my taste buds simply disable from eating fruits and most vegetables, and my allergies (peanuts, nuts, eggs, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and shellfish) are very debilitating. I have been living a very sedentary lifestile, and have had a lot of stress (being bullied, ADD with school, having annoying friends, ect). I live almost only on pretzels, can anyone help me?


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