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New intention

My intention is meditate twice daily with the super radiance group, and it it doesn’t happen and I am perfectly happy with that too.

Went to group meditation this morning at was fantastic.


Was regular the last couple of days and went to the group meditation hall.


Meditated yesterday afternoon and this morning at super radiance time – cool, nice experiences this morning.


I meditated this morning – late
Yesterday afternoon I skipped.

getting it done

I was late starting my meditation yesterday afternoon and morning but I did my program each time. This morning I started early and did a good long program.


Yesterday morning I skipped, yesterday afternoon I was on time on target, this morning wasn’t on time but I did my meditation anyway.

Clarification of my intention

My intention is to do this for the next 30 days. Success will be 80% or more.

Success today

I did my two meditations at the time I wanted to today.

Clarification of my intention

I have logged over 25,000 hours of meditation in my life. I sometimes skip my meditation. My intention is to do my practice twice a day and at the same time as the global super radiance group meditation in my community. So that is start at 7.35 latest in morning and 5.05 latest in evening.

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