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GeeGee is doing 27 things including…

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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The way my babies faces light up when they see me. I know there will be a time when they won’t care that I have come home ( or even just entered a room! ) so I am enjoying this as much as humanly possible. It can be hard when the little one cries when I leave the room or doesn’t want anyone else to hold him but I know this is short lived. I am the center of his universe and it feels SO good to be there!


The sweet things my son says to me. Tonight he was getting ready for his bath. He comes into my room wearing only his socks. I said to him “You better get your socks off”. He says to me “I want to take them off in your room because I like you”. I said to him “Well I LOVE you”. He says to me “Well I love you too, and I like your voice and I think you’re beautiful” awwwwww. Of course he speaks really sounds like “Well I Lub you. And I weewly wike your boice. And I fink you’re beautiful.”

#86 My Gmail adds

I actually take great pleasure in seeing what adds are going to be on the side of my email conversations. Sometimes they fit quite well with what the conversation is. Others not so much. These are the ones I love.

Today I got about 3 different add for night sweats and hot flashes. (Where did THAT come from?) The best by far, was after a few back and forth emails with a friend. All innocent conversation, catching up with our lives. I looked over and noticed I had 5 different adds for Colonics. Wow. Oh Gmail, I love how when you get it wrong, you get it SO wrong.

Makes me laugh out loud every time.

#85 - When my man sends me an email

He’s just starting to use email and I’m helping him become a little more computer litterate. He’s actually only sent me one email but it really just made my day. I found it oddly sexy. I dunno why…
It doesn’t matter that the email was a plan for us to watch football and barbeque. (which is a way I actually love to spend an evening) Nor does it matter that it ended with “smell ya later” because as I said, it made my day.

#84 Those moments...

Those moments with my husband when we end up doing something completely ridiulous together. All couples have them. You find yourself in the situation where you are doing something so weird or stupid together that it results in a pact to never tell anyone about what you are doing. :)

We had one of those times a few days ago. The resulting jokes and commentary around the house has been so funny. We couldn’t fall asleep last night because we were laughing so hard. It’s gold I tell ya, of course I can’t share it with anyone. I have just been sitting at my desk with a stupid grin on my face and prone to breaking out in laughter which I of course, can’t explain.

#83 Kids selling Kool-Aid

It’s just the cutest thing. I was driving to the store last night and I drove by this kid selling kool-aid. I couldn’t stop but I went out of my way to come back that way so I could buy some.

I pulled up and got out of my car and asked for some kool-aid. He was just such a cutey, and acting very professional. He says “What kind would you like, I have strawberry and orange”. I decided on orange and asked for 2 glasses. Then he very politely asks “Would you like ice in them?” Sure I say. He has a little cooler full of ice and tongs to put the ice in the glasses. He was so careful not to spill and to get the ice in the cup.

I bought my two glasses, it ran me 50 cents. I gave him a dollar and told him to keep the change. Such a little businessman. Best dollar I ever spent, I’m smiling just thinking about the experience.


This very short period in time. The tree in the backyard is in bloom. The weather is warm and we can just go out in the yard and enjoy ourselves. The tree smells absolutely amazing, and when you get a breeze it rains petals. There are no bugs and especially no mosquitos! We go out back here and my son runs around laughing and screaming, he plays in his sandbox and on the slide. We play soccer, football, badminton or bocci (or whatever).. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.


Being asked for I.D. Doesn’t happen too often anymore but it HAS happened twice this year. (one of those was today) The legal age here is 18 so I get giddy when I’m asked. Now that I am in my 30’s this is all the more sweeter. So what if the people who asked me may or may not have been half blind, I still appreciate it. :)

76 - 80

76. Those nights when we are supposed to be going to sleep but we keep each other up talking and laughing about stupid things.

77. Those nights when we are supposed to be going to sleep but we keep each other up, ahem….

78. The fact that the idea of my son turning out to be 100% like his Dad makes me smile.

79. How proud my parents are of me, in every aspect of my life, even though don’t don’t fully understand all of it.

80. The way I feel in the Spring time! I can’t get enough of this spring fever!

65 - 75

65. Command Start!

~~ My Baby and the things he does ~~

66. The way he loves Spiderman even though he has no clue who/what Spiderman is (he’s 20 months). How excited he gets, and how much he loves wearing his Spiderman pajamas
67. When I see him immitating something I do.
68. When he fake cries. I can always see him looking through his eyelashes
69. His giggle
70. How crazy he goes in the bath. He’s just so excited to be there.
71. His absolutely pure, undying love for the dog. (her name was his first word, go figure)
72. The way he pantomimes to communicate what he wants.
73. When he gives me hugs & kisses.
74. Reading books together
75. Playing our game when we lie on the floor on our backs, and laugh maniacally while kicking our feet in the air.

~ I could fill the list up with these.. I’ll stop for now.~~

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