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Re-learn Hebrew

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It is going טָב

My Aramaic classes have been amazing. 1 class left, then the exam, and I’m going to try to set myself a reading schedule afterwards so I don’t lose the skill. Once I get it down a bit more, re-learning Hebrew should be fairly easy.

My Vocabulary is still weak, but should only get stronger.


I spent our flights to and from Mexico working on my Hebrew, and got through re-doing the first 10 or so lessons in Kittel. My Aramaic class starts next Wednesday, which I’m quite excited for. It feels wonderful to be re-learning how to read even simple passages, and I look forward to being back at the point where I can read larger passages, with only the need to look up some vocabulary.

I’m particularly excited about the Aramaic class as it is my first opportunity to takea class my father is teaching, which I have wanted to do for a long time.


Having grown up with the Bible, and having a keen interest in Biblical studies, Kaballah, and Western magick, Hebrew is a language I find both beautiful and powerful. A long time ago I took 2 years of biblical Hebrew, and absolutely loved it, but since then I have let what I knew slide.

I want to get to the point where I can comfortably read both biblical and medieval Hebrew.

I’d love to learn modern conversational Hebrew as well.

  • Re-do the lessons in my Biblical Hebrew textbook
  • Regain a vocabulary of at least 200 words

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