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Blip TV Changes are awesome!

So, Blip TV has done a major overhaul since I was last checking on our videos. It’s now much easier to track viewership, income, and other details, and they’re working on bringing Blip content to You Tube!

With the upcoming tournament, I’m hoping our collection of files will grow soon, and we can gear up a notch or two.

Tarot video done!

I’ve finally finished the Tarot video to the tune of “Sting” that I’ve been working on for a while.

I’m trying to figure out how to get a reasonable balance between small file and pretty transitions.

In any case, it’s nice to have the basic project done.

Tarot coming along

After getting the timing essentially down for durations for each Tarot iamge so it matches “Shape of My Heart” (173 frames at 30 fps), there’s still going to be a bit of tweaking to get it JUST right – after a verse or two it starts to phase noticeably.

About 2/3 done now, but the last third will be most challenging – I’ve used most of the primary meditative spreads that I use, and will have to spend some time sitting and using my cards to come up with an appropriate final assortment.

I hope to have it done before my North Carolina trip.

Tarot prep

The next video’s coming together…. it should be a fun one: exploring different layouts of the Tarot for meditative techniques. I’m going to use a similar technique to the BlipMeme video, in that I won’t ramble about it, but will simply show a sequence of spreads, though I will show them more slowly (probably one for every few seconds, rather than 5 images a second).

I still have to do some timing of the song I’m going to use to figure out the right number and duration of configurations.

BlipMeme Responses

I’ve had some great responses to the BlipMeme video, primarily when showing it to folks who know me face to face. Some very interesting results in terms of which images people cue up on, and how they react to the music.

I may try to do a bit of a more formalized ‘session’ with a few folks, and it’s definitely brought quite a few new videos to mind using the same rapid image technique, but exploring different themes or different ways of conveying information.


The latest offering is up – An initial experiment in altering states of consciousness via rapid images. Selecting the appropriate images to use was fun (and time consuming), and I’ve been having some pretty weird dreams since starting this project.

I was pleased that Victor de Xango, a Babalorixa from Brazil gave permission for me to use one of his recordings of Yoruba ceremonial drums for the audio component, as it lends itself wonderfully to the visuals.

YouTube Fun

Star Trek Filk:

We had a great time putting this together. It’s nice to have a small project up and done.

On a more serious note,
We’ve almost got another of our Longsword videos up and ready to go, which is pleasing. A bit more scripting, and a few images to find, and we should have our “8 Strikes” video up.

Ads working, Voice over underway

As of this morning, the ads for are up and running, which is great news. Also learned how to sort the playlist properly, which had been badly needed, as it was showing episodes in reverse chronological order.

Now: I need to get the voice-over for the fourth episode done, so we can post it. I may post a few of the “Master Strike” videos, as they are ready to go, but the “8 Strikes” should really come before them.

Longsword Videos starting to go up

While I still need to put the keywords, descriptions, and all similar stuff in, our German Longsword videos are starting to go up at, which is terribly exciting! It’s nice to finally be able to offer these, and hopefully we can get the rest of the ones whose footage is shot up soon.

Finally going again

In June, my Laptop begin acting wonky, and became extremely slow, particularly when dealing with multimedia. Video editing became impossible, and all projects went on hold. At last, after half a year, I’ve gotten it fixed up, and videos are underway again. Hopefully we’ll fix up the Longsword videos, and get the first of the ‘Synapse’ videos up this month.

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