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#10 people are strange

I’d forgotten all about this one until chatting with a co-worker and I was telling her about walking home from French class. Actually, I was walking to town to catch the bus, but I digress. Up ahead I see this frail looking guy kinda stuck like he might have fallen and though he managed to get to his feet he didn’t have the strength to get himself upright.

I stopped to ask if he was okay, which is when I ascertained he was fucking CROCKED. About 5’10” tall, skinny guy (probably didn’t weigh more than 140 lbs) I offered to help get him to his feet. I went behind him, bent my knees, thought “back please please don’t fight me on this and make me hurt tomorrow”, and then lifted him up to a full stand.

This is the point where I discover that his pants are halfway down and that he was squatting for a reason and OHMYGOD he started swaying backwards and I didn’t want to touch him again but I put my hand in the middle of his back to steady him and once I was sure he wasn’t falling over I took off to catch my bus.

Dude. Seriously. In the middle of the sidewalk. In the city. And it wasn’t even dark. shudder

Well, that makes my ten…


#9 Edinburgh Marathon

I sponsored a co-worker running the Edinburgh Marathon and assisted another person with designing their donation webpage.

I’m starting to sense a theme to my works.

#8 wee donation

I made a donation to The Children’s Society via this fundraising page—this person is running the London Marathon. Yikes!

#7 Moonwalk

I wrote about the Moonwalk in this entry, but it also applies here as I’m going to be fundraising for a worthy charity and participating in an event that will raise awareness for a good cause.

#6 Soweto

through some marketing and promotional events, our company has acquired a bunch of high-end black t-shirts that we aren’t using. They didn’t just want to donate them to the local shelters because it might look odd seeing all these people walking around with product endorsement t-shirts.

I requested, and got, company approval to ship them off to a charity in Soweto. There is a lady there that takes used clothing donations, and I’m really excited to offer her a bunch of NEW, high quality t-shirts (still in wrappers).

The company wasn’t pleased about the high freight costs, so I sent out a little internal fund-raising email and my workmates are going to pay for the postage. Yay.

#5 Paper Trail

The company I work for just went through a re-branding, and consequently we had a lot of unusable letterhead, notepads, etc. Although recycling it would be a good solution, I felt it could be put to better use first and called down the road to our neighboring nursery and arranged to drop it off there. Now the kiddies have lots of paper to draw on, and they said they’ll put it in the recycle bins onced used. Yay.

#4 Cliché

It’s so cliché, but I helped a little old lady across the street. And then I helped her figure out when her bus would come (she didn’t have her specs with her), and then I managed to flag down her bus and get her on it all while keeping my own bus (the last one of the night) waiting for me (frickin miracle, that). Whew!

#3 Save the Children

another bookclub member volunteers at the local Save the Children charity shop. I was chatting about my recent foray into the world of ebay, and she told me that they have been looking for someone to help the shop sell some stuff online. I met with the branch manager today and got the process started. I told them I cannot come in during the week (cos I start a new job on Monday) but that I am willing to come by on weekends or evenings to take photos, post the listings, etc. Since they don’t have broadband at the shop I said I could bring in my laptop and either upload the data at home or go down the street to the library and use the free internet there. Can you believe she tried to offer me money? I let her know that any work I do on this is my charitable contribution to the foundation. Yay.

How I helped Pam

I told my bookclub the story about meeting Lee Child, which inspired Pam to try and meet one of her favourite authors. I encouraged her to enter a Crime Writing contest and she won!

Goal Defined

I was talking with a friend about how I can help people, and he pointed out just how much helping I do without even realizing it. I’m frickin’ mutha theresa, who knew? Still, I’d feel better putting some sort of structure on this goal or at the very least creating some guidelines so I’ll know when I can check this off as complete.

I’m going to set the bar at TEN. I need to help at least 10 different people (or groups/charities) in order to consider this goal done.

I purchased some books for Shazamela’s students, so that’s one done. Nine more to go…

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