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get my real estate license

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Will be licensed by end of this Month

Took the Test, Again!

and I feel that I did well. They say you have to wait for the mail to get results, but Im going to call on Thursday and see if I can get some info (It worked b4 – :P )

If I passed, 60 bucks and Im in there.

Taking the Exam, Again, on March 14

Its do, or die. Im not enrolled in a class, so I really have to rely on my own will/desire/need to do this. Im actually studying, reading, and prepared to pass this time. I will not take this lightly again.

Take more classes, and learn more about real estate

There is so much more to learn once you become licensed.

Took it and failed. Will try again in 2 weeks

How dare I think I can crash and pass this?
Im buckling down, taking my time, and putting regular effort into this. Im determined to be licensed this month!

Im taking the test tomorrow

Hopefully, Ill pass. Im taking the day off and crashing today and tonite.

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