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Survive college

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I have managed to “survive college”. I started in September and managed to make it to July without being kicked out by the management who hate me. Without quitting even though I was so tempted so many times.
I did it even though I hated it.
And I’m proud of myself.
Regardless of what grades I get, I managed to complete a year of something I hated and I did my best.
I couldn’t have done any more than I did.

Well done me. ♥


I found out today that it is actually only a three day week!
Tomorrow is my last day.

One week...

Only a four day week and then I can cross this goal off. If I return to my college to complete my A2 levels then I can create another goal called ‘Survive college v2.0’. But yes, soon it’ll all be over.
For a while.

Two weeks.

The it’s summer and it’ll be awesome.


Three weeks to go. Lord above.
I don’t know if that’s good or bad though.
This week I will be drawing my own interpretation of the soul. Yay!

13th of July.

Apparently that’s when we break up (we go back on the 18th of this month for four weeks which would mean we broke up on the 13th) though I’m not holding my breath or getting my hopes up because I know what my college is like with stuff like this.

Surviving after college....?

If I pass my exams I have to start thinking about university and then there’s the entry requirements and what if I don’t meet those with my A2 grades that’s so much pressure. And I’d have to leave home if I got in and move away from everything I know and love and understand and the concept is so scary to me. I don’t feel ready.
What if I fail? I’d have two weeks (ish) from results day until start of term and in that time I’d have to think of another solution that worked for me and then apply and get in and stuff.
What if I can’t do that?
I can’t get a job. My grades are average and I have no experience.
What am I going to do?


I didn’t realise until today how important he was.
I’ll be so, so sorry to see him go.
I’m pretty emotional and I feel like crying a bit.
Thanks, Dan. I hope your new class sucks compared to us. ♥♥♥

I said I wouldn't give up but...

The only reason I go to college is leaving.
It feels like a break up.


Once I’ve finished my AS this goal will drop down my list as it will be less important. After half term I have 4-6 weeks until the summer holidays.

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