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Honestly, I envy where I was before….when I was happy. I’ve been dealing with depression for several years now.

Meet me…a people pleaser.

Again, honestly, I feel like there’s something I really need to do. In a way, I need to stick up for myself. If I don’t, I’m sacrificing my happiness. But if I do, then people are going to be really hurt from what I have to say. I’m at an impasse—either I’m hurt or they are.
Many people worry about me. I wish they wouldn’t. They always ask me how I’m doing with my depression and if I need help with it. I’ve been avoiding therapy since I learned that I had depression. I don’t want to talk to people I don’t even know. I can easily talk to my friends about it, but I hardly see them any more.
Other people completely disgregard my condition. I wish there was someplace in between the two…
I’ve been acting really restless too. There are a lot of things that I just can’t seem to comprehend when I’m this way. I get very mixed up and very emotional. I never let anyone see me get this way though…it just makes them ask more questions.

I feel caught in between.

I want to do this, but I’m very afraid. I just want to be happy. But I want other people to be happy too.


I’m not doing so well today. I can’t figure out what’s going on. I’m terribly upset and I can’t seem to get happy. I guess I’ll give an update later on how it’s all working out…


I’m still finding that I am happy.
I’ve had a long fight with some pretty serious depression for years…lots of things go on in a big family, if you know what I mean.
But before, I mentioned that I wrote a list of what makes me happy. After doing that, I started to feel happier.
Today, I spent some time out in the backyard planting some seed sprouts that I grew in my window. I spent almost an hour doing this (I had 52 plants growing in my window—only planted 15 today). I find that when I spend time in the sun, my mood improves quite a bit.
For those of you who might need some help on this goal…doctors have found that spending time in the sunlight helps your happiness level, as well as many other good things. I guess I just proved that true=]

Good luck to all of you! I know you can do it=D


It took some work…but it was worth it.

I used another goal to help me with this one. I wrote a list of 100 things that make me happy…such things that make this life worth living. I realized how many things from that list applied to the exact moment in time that I was feeling very low and suddenly realized that I didn’t really have much of a reason to feel unhappy. It also came to me that you don’t really need a reason to be happy…you just have to do it.

Life is worth living. You just have to make yourself realize that. Maybe if you change your perspective…or simply just CHOOSE to be happy…it will happen.

I’m sure glad I found that out. It made all the difference=]


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