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Os Gem

I went to this AMAZING art show over the weekend!

It showcased this Brazilian street artist (actually a team of twin brothers) who goes by OS Gemeos. They did one of the really cool murals in downtown LA. Their pantings are so vivid, it was great to be able to see them up close. I got some great pictures too before my camera started acting up.

And what was really cool was that I didn’t know about it until THAT morning .. and.. it was closing that day! How cool is that? :)

Super Hero Pub Crawl..

OMG this was a hoot! Everyone dresses up like a super hero (some recognizable, some .. you’re a WHAT?? lol).. and goes bar hopping. There was a photo scavenger hunt and some other games too. I was only staying for a few hours so I wasn’t drinking, which is fine. It gave me a chance to see some really cool things that I normally wouldn’t! The first stop had a mechanical bull .. oh that was so awesome!! Riding a bull is actually on my other list & now I know where I can go to ride one! The second stop had a really cool art show. I saw a couple pieces I really like. I was especially fond of a large ‘ink style’ Asian coy printed with a metallic background .. boy that really made the fish pop! .. it was a blast!


Mmm.. talk about an AWESOME birthday treat!

I tried the flavor of the month… gingerbread.

What a great way to end the day :)


I went online to find some fun stuff to do & birthday freebies.

Turns out that most places want you to sign up for their online e-club to get a birthday certificate or offer. Some have restrictions. A few are available by showing your id on your actual birthday (Denny’s grand slam, free drycleaning -northern CA)

Some good ones are:

Free cupcake @ Frosted in Lb :))
Benihanna offers a free meal when you sign up.

now this dog knows how to work it!

The Door Greeter at the laundromat..

What a sweetheart


I found another cool sticker…

It was a comic strip. It was really weathered and you could see where other people tried to peel it off.

I didn’t have any luck either. But I know where another one is…. :)

I found a way...

To have fun at the laundromat… sticker hunting!

I found two sticker spots right outside the laundromat on the way in and well, since I had time, I had to go get them for my collection! lol

It sounds so silly, but hunting them down is actually kinda fun. My collection is starting to grow and seeing if you can pull one off without ruining it is always a good challenge!

What a great way to pass the time! lol

Time to align :)

I realize that my priorities have been out of alignment for reaching this goal. A good friend of mine recently pointed out (). So now that I’m armed with this knowledge, time to align. :)


OC Fair rocks! Omg, I had soooooooo much fun!! I can’t wait to go back again (maybe even tomorrow) and take some good pic’s.

I want to see the pig races, drink, and pet the animals again!
(not nec in that order lol)

....and wear my cowgirl hat lol :)


And to be HA*PP*Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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