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Went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and boy it was packed! Saw the Cindy Sherman exhibit.. Hmmm, very interesting. I liked the large portraits that she did, they’re so colorful and extremely crisp, which was amazing given the scale of these large works. Had coffee and a snack on the rooftop garden.

Also saw the Paul Klee exhibit which was really cool. And was able to recognize a few abstract/ contemporary artists as I was walking thru the exhibit. THAT was very cool. :)

Known Gallery

I’ve been seeing lots of inspiring art over the past couple days.

This guys art is amazing. I went there to check out the other artist, and really fell in love with a piece by Revok. Apparently he’s a graffiti artist too and uses found objects to create art. These looked like they were pieces of crate pallets that were painted and then pieced together. I could see then hanging on my wahl.


Went to a really cool exhibit at the Latin American museum called Come Play With Me. It was a series of inter active installations. In the back was an exhibit related to travel. The post card was from that exhibit.. I thought it was funny..the guys not wearing any pants and is holding a rock in front of a glass building.

The bank of the card says “Transistmica, 2002”.. Www.jonathanharker.com


Lately I’ve been going to different galleries and seeing some really great stuff. I’ve found 3 pieces I want to get (by different artists). I really feel like I’m diving into this head first and I absolutely love it.

This collecting habit is really getting me in trouble. I need to be careful. I feel like I’m in the documentary Herb & Dorothy and it is wonderful. I love how they built a life of collecting, collecting to collect, collecting to build.

Collecting for the love of art.

Yes. I feel like I finally belong. :)

a pleasant surprise

Went to a really cool art opening & then on the way home stopped at the East Village art walk. Wow I’m so glad I did! Not only did I get to check out one of my favorite local galleries (they’re new exhibit rocks), I met a vendor who has traveled all over the world. Her photography was amazing and she was so incredibly nice. I bought a bunch of her stuff & we exchanged info… To top the
evening off, the next vendor had free stickers! Right on!!! This guys work is
absolutely amazing.. and underestimated. I wanted to help this poor kid so I bought one of his pieces. Turns out the one piece I choose was an original with no prints (go figure, I have good taste lol) . This guy really needs to show his art, it’s so u.uunique and detailed. It reminds me of Tim Burton’s drawings .. very cool. Wow, what an evening!

New project

I started a new art project. It’s going to take me a year to complete it. Should be interesting.


One of my pictures was submitted to be included in the Schmaps Los Angeles Guide! Oh my goodness, I’m so excited! I was informed by email & will know in Feb whether the picture is included or not in the guide. It was one of my Flickr pictures .. the purple flowers at Malibu State Park.

Oh this is so amazing. :)

simply beautiful ...

I did something I haven’t done in a long time & went to check out the art for rent on the basement of LACMA. I wasn’t ready to go home yet after the Sundays Live concert, and was craving some really good art. I’m glad I did.

At the very end was a large painting that caught my eye. It was so beautiful and different. Since it was tucked away at the end of very long and narrow corridor I could have a moment alone with amazing work of art. There’s so much paint on the canvas, swooshing and swirling, and the juxtaposition of the colors was just in the right amount. I absolutely love that

you can get so close to a painting, a beautiful work of art, that you can actually breathe on it, and nobody’s


I scored some awesome street art today. It was really cool – I can’t wait to hang it in my art room. :)

I did my first drawing

I was supposed to meet a good friend for coffee and he had to reschedule. My mind kept telling me to go anyway, it would be great to just sit down relax and have some alone time.. worst case scenario I would get out of the house away from the crazy puppies.

Earlier that day I found an article on a street artist who’s art I like. I’ve seen that style of street art in different galleries, and really admire it. So I took a copy of the art with me to use as a reference. I wanted to see if I can reproduce it. I thought that would be a great exercise to start to get into drawing.

I ended up using the painting as a base for my drawing. As I was starting the basic sketch, I decided to modify it a bit, and tweek it here and there. My drawing came out so different from what they painted and it was great because it was my own. I found drawing this piece of art to be very enlightening and it was fascinating to see how the piece developed a life of its own—morphing into my own version/interpetation.

I decided to keep with this theme a little bit longer. I think I’m going to do a series of sketches, hopefully in ink (instead of colored pencil). The ink will make the drawing ‘pop’ which is homage to this type of art…. I’m glad I decided to do this.

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