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new body butter /lotion

Totally decided to give this a try on a whim.

Love it. It smells awesome. :)

Just snapped my first QR code

Awesome!! Been wanting to do this forever!! Finally have a phone that can run the app. Aww man, I’m hooked!

Healthy choice mediterian chicken

Chicken was good, hated the sauce … Yuck

Healthy choice mediterian chicken

Chicken was good, hated the sauce … Yuck

new hiking trail..

On my last hike I was kinda bored and still had time before they locked the gate. I cut my original hike in half and turned around early. The winds had kicked in and it was absolutely unbearable. Funny thing as I decided to go down the other side of the mountain back, the winds seemed to have died. Gosh darn it. lol

So on the way back I found this side trail that I decided to explore. I saw footprints so I knew that it wasn’t a deserted trail and that someone had been there recently (i.e. it’s a usable trail). Wow. It hugged (and I do mean hugged!) the side of the mountain. I decided to explore the trail as far as I could before it got a bit dicey. It was a great little side trail to get away from everything but there were spots where the shale was falling off the mountain and completely blocked the path (yeah, dicey)... and then I started to think about how no one knew where I was and heaven forbid if I slipped or something. As I was leaving I looked back and I saw this guy ridge running. Damn! I’ve always admired those people but damn it’s dangerous! (I have a feeling it’s more mental than anything but I’d rather not find out lol). I got a picture of him, boy that’s crazy. I don’t know how he got over to that spot since the trail was washed out (shale landslide). I think there’s a series of interconnected small trails because he disappeared off the ridge and I could see a network of trails on the other side.

And then… instead of going back to my car I decided to walk down to the campground parking area…. very cool. Glad I did. The stream runs thru that area and because it was so late, no one was there. It was absolutely beautiful! I could walk around and explore… the frogs were out croaking their little hearts away… the stream was gurgling as the water trickled between the rocks… beautiful. I also walked by the bulletin board and learned that it was bear territory. (Oops. Good to know) It was great. I could hear the melody of frogs all the way back to my car. Absolutely peaceful. :)

Morning mediations

This is actually a two-parter. I started going back to church, I love my spiritual community and I’ve missed them so. It was great. Sunday was my first time back. As I was standing in the foyer because I was late and needed some air, someone came over and checked on me. I love being in a space of unconditional love, where people just genuinely care about you and what you’re going thru. I noticed that they have mediations in the morning during the week. So I decided to say yes. It sounded like what I needed to get me back on my spiritual path.

Well I am glad to say that they are absolutely divine. (pun intended) .. Gotta listen to your heart. It guided me back home AND provided me with the tools that I need to help me be a more balanced, loving, compassionate person.

Absolutely wonderful.

From Fresh & Easy

Wow, this was good. I’m really impressed.

It was part of the (dinner for) 2 for $10, so I decided to give it a try. It takes a while to bake, but definitely worth it! So much food!


Lotion from the Lautner Hotel

L’Occitane body lotion
Made in France

Enriched with grape seed oil, this body lotion helps to moisturize and nourish even the most sensitive skins.

Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, and Geranium…

Nice! Let’s give it a try! :)


So on the way to the hotel in Palm Springs, I ran across this…

Well actually I drive over it (paved road) lol.

Funny how’s things happen though. I saw a sign for Whitewater Preserve on the side of the road… Famous last words “well he’s only 3 miles away, I should go, I’m already here” ... 3 miles turned into 8.. right as I’m getting ready to turn around
and go back to the main road since I’m out in the middle of nowhere and there’s nothing around, I saw this huge creek! What? Water out in the middle of nowhere??? And it’s moving FAST!! It was so darn amazing.. I felt like I found gold lol. Throughly incredible.

(see comments for more pics)


From the hotel: Noni’s almond biscotti .. wow it was good

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