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model Alexander the Great

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Gosudar has written 4 entries about this goal


This goal – model Alexander the Great – pertained to a circumstance in my life that no longer exists. However much I desperately want to, I cannot, at least not by myself, turn back time, or bring that circumstance back into existence. Without that circumstance this goal has no purpose and is utterly meaningless. Without that circumstance this goal simply cannot be carried out. This is a goal that can never be completed. It can only be ended.

The Rut

The story is told that a toad, hopping across a country road, got itself lodged in so deep and narrow a rut that it could not get out. Hop and scramble as it would, it could do nothing more than exhaust itself. Friends and relatives offered advice and encouragement; but at last, when these availed nothing, they went sorrowfully away. Next morning, however, to their astonishment, they met the toad hopping along, chipper as ever.

“But you couldn’t get out!” they exclaimed.

“I know I couldn’t,” he replied, “But a truck came along and I had to.”

This story is from the book, How to Think about Ourselves. by Bonaro W. Overstreet.


In my lexicon, “oceanic” is a superlative beyond all superlatives. This goal, model Alexander the Great, is, in its bigness, far beyond oceanic. Nobody, not even Alexander, has every done this before. It is impossible. The bind I am in is that all of my other goals, even the smallest, are impossible unless I do this first!

The goal consists of 543 individual segments, and I will post at least one entry for every segment. Since I have absolutely no intention of telling anyone what I am doing, these entries will be cryptic, evasive, and bafflegabbish.

A truck came along and I had to.

Edith Hamilton,

the famous author of the famous book, The Greek Way, wrote:

“There is something breathtaking in Alexander the Great. Like everything stupendous – the pyramids, the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest – one can never quite get used to it. It drives us out beyond the everyday limits set for ourselves as possible.”

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