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Eden Project

While on holiday in Cornwall we went to the Eden Project and I had oodles of fun seeing and learning about all sorts of Mediterranean and Tropical plants :D We bought a Mimosa Pudica or “sensitive plant” as it’s commonly known as the leaves wilt away when touched (and spring back to life 15mins later). It’s really quite something to see :)

Second bunch

Lily of the Valley, Sisyrinchium (picture), hydrangea, dahlia and alchemilla mollis (lady’s mantle).

First new bunch

The first batch of new plants I’ve learnt are:

campanula: two different varieties, one tall and one shrub. The tall ones have delicate baby blue flowers that almost look like they’re made of tissue paper! (They look similar to harebells). The shrub variety has darker blue flowers and looks stronger lol.

Gazanias: kinda similar to marigolds but with stripes of dark brown fading togolden brown on the bright orange petals.

Hellebore and stinking hellebore: serrated leaves and beautiful delicate green/pink/purple flowers.

The Plan...

When I was a kid I used to help Nanna in the (rather huge) garden and knew (and could identify) most of the plants inthe garden. Over the years it’s changed a lot and now I only know half of them! (Due to plants being removed/added).

Here are the ones I know of in our garden so far…

Herbs: Sage, thyme, marjoram, mint, rosemary, woad, soapwort, lemonbalm, bay laurel, yarrow, chives.

Fruit&Veg: raspberries, gooseberry, runner beans, cherry tomatoes, rhubarb.

Flowers: Iris, roses (shrub and climbing), geraniums, verbena, pansies, petunias, clematis, lambs ears, micklemas daisies, marigolds, primrose, tulips, candy tufts, peony.

The picture was taken from my 2nd floor window, and shows most of the garden, but it extends to the right where the fruit&veg and herbs are planted. Unfortunately the kitchen roof hides a fair few flower beds and pots too :(

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