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Back to square one

The constant torrential rains we’ve had in the afternoons have killed all of the lavender I planted, again. I’m beginning to think this is hopeless.

Dry spell

So we went on a 2 week vacation… and apparently so did the typical afternoon rains our area usually receives. The day we came back it poured buckets well into the night though.
I spent so much time working on the soil pruning the tree over the bed and bought 4 different types of lavender to try and it’s going to be the fact that I went on vacation that makes it go to pot this year. grrrrrr.
It seems like there is yet life in a few of the plants and I have not given up hope. Maybe next spring it will be seeds….

So far,... not so good

It has been back and forth between stifling heat and torrential rains again this year and my plants look pitiful. I’m beginning to think this just isn’t going to work. :(

So far, so good

I’ve added a couple more plants and all are well at the moment. If my husband ever puts up the rail around our porch I can put up a matching border around the bed and get it looking really nice. I don’t think I’ll consider it done until the plants grow a bit and I actually want to take a picture of it.

Starting again

I put in 5 more plants about a week ago. 2 plants did survive from last year but they are a bit pitiful but alive. We’ll see what happens this year!

Summer Rains

have all but destroyed my lavender garden only 2 plants are still there and only one looks like it will last. I’ll start again next spring, hopefully no flooding next year.


I have 5 plants in there now and plan to add more. I will make a border for it once our back porch is rebuilt and I know what will look good next to it.

More Plants

Bought four more plants yesterday and I hope to get them in the ground tomorrow. The biblical down pours have stopped but I’m betting on the usual spring afternoon rains to start soon. My first plant is doing well so I’m taking it as a good sign that the spot I picked to plant in is a good one.

Pout :(

On Mother’s Day my husband took me to find lavender plants and a border for my garden and I couldn’t find any. I hope I can find some soon, I don’t want to wait until next year to finish up my little lavender garden.

Stupid Dog

My dog dug up my one tiny lavender plant for no discernable reason. I’m so mad I could spit.

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