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Exercised at least once a day

for the past three days! Tons of walking today. I think tomorrow I’ll rest.

I fell, AGAIN.

A week ago, I stepped off a curb without paying attention, during my errands/exercise walk. Fell straight forward, and as usual my left arm took the brunt of the impact.

Let’s see, this is the 5th sidewalk fall I can remember since I moved into the city in 2004. One terrible fall involved ice; one involved rain. One involved an uneven sidewalk. All involved my clumsiness/spaciness. I quit running because of this propensity – but apparently even walking is hazardous for me.

In years past I had two rounds of physical therapy because of these falls. I’m afraid I may have to go back for more. The (slightly torn) rotator cuff doesn’t seem to have been reinjured, but my elbow won’t straighten and spasms easily. I tried doing some low-key arm exercises yesterday, which made the problems worse. The bruising goes the length of my inner forearm and is currently that beautiful combination of yellow and purple.


I think I'm close enough to ideal weight.

It’s not the original target I set, but my BMI is 22.8 or so, which is just fine, and my body fat percentage has been inching down into the “ideal” range according to research I’ve done.

My focus now is getting stronger. As long as fat % is improving, or at least staying level, I’m not going to worry about my weight. Hopefully I’ll tone further so that clothes fit even better.

My new system is working well thus far.

I’m a few pounds down, I’ve exceeded my exercise goal each week, and $50 has been transferred to savings!

Satisfying my inner child

The baby in me – the part that craves pleasure – has been running amok recently. Too many sweets, way too many, and not enough exercise.

This morning I awoke from a dream in which I had been taking care of numerous babies and toddlers – some kind of an orphanage. Upon awaking I wondered what the dream was saying – and I immediately knew it was about my own inner child. Little kids want their way, but they actually also want boundaries in order to feel safe. It’s comforting at a deep level to know that their parents are going to stop them from hurting themselves or others.

So I’ve decided to renew a few basic health practices:
  • avoid sweets 6 days/week
  • exercise at least 150 minutes/week
  • eat within my recommended calorie range for weight loss

And I’m going to reward my inner child by linking these practices to my travel goal. Each Saturday, if I have done them faithfully that week, I’ll transfer $25 to my savings account for future trips! The baby in me really wants to travel, so she’ll be soothed by this – and by watching the travel savings increase and the debt and weight totals decrease. :-)


Last night I was able to sleep long hours (about 9.5, I think!) without waking to an alarm. And this morning, after checking my work e-mail (because I work at home on Wednesdays), I did two different exercise routines, total of over an hour.

I think it helped get my endorphins up again, and I need to recommit myself to going to bed by 10:30-10:45 each weeknight so that I can rise in time to get good exercise every day (except when I choose to give my body a rest).

So I hereby commit myself!

Less than 5 lbs to go

I didn’t make my latest 5% goal – not surprising given all that’s going on. But I lost a bit more & am feeling good about reaching goal this winter & maintaining thereafter.

I'm down about 17 pounds from last fall's weight

A Sparkpeople team has been super-useful (we repeatedly set ourselves the challenge of losing 5% of body weight within 8 weeks, & we get points for exercise minutes & various other healthy activities). I have just 8 pounds to go to make goal weight. Favorite clothes are definitely fitting better!

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