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Create a personal recipe book

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Yummy recipes

I’ve started collecting and writting down my recipes three years ago… Time to finish this project!! I hope to do it within the next weeks.
I’m testing some of the recipes, sorting them out and preparing the document to print it. I probably will put them on a binder, so I can add and remove pages.

More recipes...

I’ve been collecting a lot of new recipes. Most of them vegetarian, low on fat or low calories. They will be a good complement for the ones I already have.
I still have to sort all the info I have on the computer. I’m not sure if it will be better to print the file and bind the all the papers together or to try to organize a recipe box.


I’ve been gathering recipes I like in a word file. Now I need to sort them and test some others. I plan to print and bind this.

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